Perspective Correction with Guided Upright in Adobe Photoshop

Welcome to the Russell Brown Show! In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial I will demonstrate how to use the Guided Upright feature on an iPhone video file to correct perspective. This Adobe Camera Raw technique can also be very useful for color correcting your video files as well.

Burst Mode Capture with Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Learn how to capture DNG images using a new burst mode technique within Adobe Lightroom Mobile. This is currently not a fully supported feature and will only work on some of the current Apple IOS devices.

HDR Capture in Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Raw HDR capture support has now been added to Adobe Lightroom Mobile in version 2.7 for Apple IOS and in the 2.3 version for Android.

Lightroom Mobile Black & White Conversion

This tutorial focuses on two helpful techniques for creative black & white photography when using a mobile phone. I will discuss how to capture, process to black & white, and then add an accent of color back into the image with an Adobe Photoshop Mix technique on the iPad Pro. I'll finish off the demo by exporting the final layered document from Adobe Photoshop Mix to Adobe Photoshop CC on a desktop computer.

Panorama Stitching Tips and Techniques

Welcome to the Russell Brown Show. In this episode I will discuss some tips and techniques for creating and adjusting panoramas in Adobe Photoshop CC. In this project I will be using images captured with a DJI Mavic Pro and stitching them together with the help of Adobe Camera Raw.

Color Correcting Video in Adobe Photoshop CC

Welcome to the Russell Brown Show! In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to color correct a video file in Adobe Photoshop using Adobe Camera Raw. This is a great way to eliminate the color cast that can appear in aerial video captures.